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 Getting In - The Gate Keeper  

 Objection Handling - A No is never a No!

Effective Questioning Skills - Peel the onion back.

The First Appointment - What to say ~ What not to say! 

          Listening Skills - How many times did you sell past the sale? 

                                                                    Powerful Closing Techniques - Increase your close ratio, quick!

                                                                    Time Management - Quantity versus Quality. Which one wins?

                                                                    Building a Strong Pipeline - Is it really a numbers game?



Sinatra Solutions programs have impacted revenues, pipelines, profit margins, quantity and quality of deals through our proven sales training workshops, seminars and personalized coaching and training.      With our engaging platform, your sales department will find a new level of success, no matter the sales tenure, our methodology will ignite sales to a whole new level.

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Full and Half-Day Workshops

2 Day Workshops


 *Note ~ Services listed are not available at this time.