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Health Matters
Anna Marie Sinatra  
  Time Warner Cable 

Erie County Suburbs: (20) Saturday 2:30pm, Wednesday 3:00&3:30pm & Thursday 9:30pm
Penfield: (15, Digital 98.5 & 5.15) Sunday 5:00pm, Monday 8:00am, Thursday 10:00pm
Dunkirk/Chautauqua: (12) Monday 7:00pm, Wednesday 11:00am, Sat
urday 12:00 noon
Fredonia: (5 & Digital 96.1) Days & times same as Dunkirk
Buffalo City Limits: (20) Saturday 4:30pm & Wednesday 11:30am
Rochester: (15 & Digital 98.5) Wednesday 5:00pm & Friday 3:00pm

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Anna Marie Sinatra,  Host of Health Matters,  provides a successful platform for leading 

health care experts to be interviewed on TV in order to inform and educate individuals 

in the Western New York area on a variety of health - related topics. Viewers are then encouraged to get proactive in creating a healthy lifestyle for themselves as well as 

their families & friends.  Follow "Health Matters" on FaceBook!